Wearable devices for different use scenarios

We are proud to say that we are a wearable specialist.


Infinity has developed a great sense of knowledge and expertise in the world of wearables in the past few years. Whether it is a smartwatch, a tracking device for your wellness or for your dog perhaps, we do offer a very wide knowledge in the ID, UX and CMF. Here's our latest references:

alt Picture courtesy Huawei

The award winning Huawei Watch 2 received a thorough research which guided the ID & UX work done together with Huawei.

Picture courtesy Huawei

The lightweight and performing Huawei Band 2 features a sleek design, packed with heat. This was the outcome of a research, UX & ID work delivered together with Huawei.


We do also work with start-ups, like Aikova, for whom we generated a wide research phase, ID & UX. The outcome is seen above.


Our expertise expands to the Hearables as well and we have designed a wide variety of different hearables with different scopes. These demanding equipments require know-how on the ergonomics, UX, ID and CMF, which all we can deliver.