Better fireplaces.

Tulikivi manufactures home and sauna heater units. The most important challenge we've helped them with is to the translate the heritage of their field of business into something that corresponds to the evolved needs of end users today. Heater units are no longer just for heating, but an integral part of the home experience in form of function and decor.

The thinking behind

Our work has concentrated on making heater units with improved lifecycle and positioning that matches today's demand, all in an efficient and ecological way. We've sought after solutions that would integrate into one's home as opposed to "stand-alone" design objects. This has also become a crucial differentiation factor for Tulikivi. We've contributed to guiding business development efforts through product positioning and portfolio planning, all the while taking care of product development support and supplier matchmaking.

Infinity industrial design smart home tulikivi

In all heater unit applications, our approach has been efficiency through modularity. In most cases, there's a single package of expandable package of hardware that goes into a range of products. Different positioning is achieved through different lining options, many of which utilize materials, constructions and technologies new to heater units. Also, conventional analogue controls have been updated to touch screen or top of the line remote-controllable home automation applications depending on product positioning.

Infinity industrial design smart home tulikivi