UX at workplace.

Teleste is an international technology group specialized in broadband video and data communication systems and services. Teleste Luminato device was designed by Infinity earlier, and we designed their HTML5-based user interface for remote management of the device.

Consumerization of usability expectations

Luminato is a headend platform for cable TV operators. It is a high density modular platform for Cable TV and IPTV headends, with a small footprint in 1RU chassis, low power consumption and advanced DVB stream processing.
It is a comprehensive headend platform, trusted by cable TV operators and Telco’s of varying sizes and feature demands.

One thing is common though; they all appreciate its unparallel reliability and ease of use.

Lean UX

Contextual understanding

We studied the users in the real contexts to find out what the actual needs and their priorities for the user interface were. Along laptops, tablets were extensively used in the server rooms. We also found out several key configuring tasks and monitoring needs that needed to be prioritized in the UI.

Prototyping = innovating

In record speed of 3 weeks, we ran the initial study and built functional HTML5 prototypes to demonstrate the concepts we innovated. The prototypes served as a great tool for decision making, user testing and sales. They were used to probe end customer interest at fairs. To see is to believe, and the customer feedback enabled the project to go rapidly to implementation phase.

Professional equipment with parallel usability of the best consumer devices.


The app was iterated through prototypes to maximize usability. In just months from the kick-off, the final product was shipped to the end customers, taking Teleste to lead in terms of usability of the remote user interfaces, too. It has drag-and-drop configuring and visual, active monitoring views ensuring consumer UI-like user experience.

Lean UX HTML5 web app for tablets