Human-centered approach?

In vertical solutions, it is possible to gain an unfair advantage through design driven innovation. We’ve always felt it’s a very interesting challenge to incorporate a human-centered approach to specialized devices.

A new era of vertical solutions

Industrial design is often perceived as a “layer of good looks” on top of product engineering. Our approach is quite the contrary, we believe the best results will be achieved in the intersection of the needs of the end user and engineering. The story of a product should stem from making technology approachable to the human in the other end. The aesthetics will resolve itself through means of materials and construction.

We’ve worked in close co-operation with Bittium (Bittium) for several years, mostly for the U.S. and European markets. Bittium is a provider of specialized embedded software and hardware solutions for wireless industries.

Highlights of our co-operation

Android based Specialized Device Platform, an Bittium reference design targeted to vertical markets such as Public Safety, Security and Defense. This is the first device in a series of products that showcase an example implementation of Bittium’s HW platform.

Rugged mobile Bittium

Infinity is the preferred ID partner for our US based vertical device programs. The team consistently creates compelling designs that are enthusiastically accepted by our customers.

Craig O'Connell

In these projects, we've contributed not only to industrial design but to prototype engineering and mechanical parts sourcing and integration as well. The devices have been enthusiastically received by Bittium’s customers and have helped Bittium to gain significant business traction. These devices are a useful business development tool, and up to date, three generations of reference designs have come to life and there’s more to come.

Rugged mobile Bittium

Infinity has provided Industrial Design and mechanical engineering for several of Bittium’s Client programs. Our contribution has ranged from focusing the requirements of products, through ID concepting and development to program-time ID support up to ramp-up, all in close co-operation with Bittium’s product development teams.

Rugged mobile Bittium