Social TV remote control.

How about sharing comments and impressions with your friends while watching your favourite show? This is where the LiveRelay Social TV remote control comes in.

Experience TV, together.

We’re proud to have worked on the ID for LiveRelay’s innovative RelayTV Social TV remote control. We started off through in-depth discussions, striving to understand the significance of the device to the end user. After having studied several concept alternatives we helped LiveRelay in managing their productization, taking care to maintain the original ID intent.

Set top box industrial design Infinity

I highly endorse Infinity for their creative design capability combining the best by way of aesthetics and function to meet our highly demanding requirements.

Kye Cheung

The RelayTV solution.

The RelayTV solution is designed to allow users to have fun and interact with their friends. Using the Infinity-designed remote control, viewers can further enhance their virtual living room experience with features including real time voice and text conversations, sharing viewing experiences and opinions with friends in a virtual living room and flinging virtual objects onto your friends’ TV screens.