Not another smartphone.

The world doesn’t need yet another smartphone – it needs a new way of thinking. That’s why Jolla was born. Jolla wants to challenge the dominant perceptions and create an innovation platform for ideas, opportunities and openness. For product design, they needed something as unique as the company itself. Infinity is the Industrial Design partner for Jolla.

Passion & commitment

Infinity’s extensive experience and know-how in the field of mobile electronics impressed Jolla. The fact that the two companies share a similar mindset was also important.

The Infinity team is very passionate and committed, and they always strive to achieve the best possible results. Jolla works in a similar way. Our contacts at Infinity always know exactly what is going on in our projects. We are extremely happy with the co-operation.

Martin Schüle, Chief Designer at Jolla

Jolla industrial design detail - the other half.

Function, minimalism and style is what happens when engineering meets Scandinavian design. With its pure lines and clarity, Jolla feels sleek and just right in your hand.