Increasing work satisfaction and effectivity

“Meyer Turku Oy is a Finnish shipbuilding company located in Turku, Finland Proper. The company is fully owned by German shipbuilder Meyer Werft GmbH. The main products are cruise ships and cruiseferries. The shipbuilding facility is Perno shipyard in Turku.” -Wikipedia

Meyer cares about their workers and this shows in their way of taking care of the safety of their people. A big part of the safety is proper working environment. This is where we came in. We helped Meyer to improve their working spaces, so that the worker’s needs are taken into notice and the space supports the user as well it can.

FROM 3d to reality

1. 3D CAD design
2. High quality renderings
3. Photos of the finished space

Below you can see part of our process and how a well designed plan follows to reality.