Easing everyday life with design

We have been closely working with Huawei for the past ten years. As you can imagine, there fits a wide variety of different interesting projects in that timeframe. Here we have selected to demonstrate a few of the recent ones of their wearables, the Watch 2, the Talkband, Fit Watch and also Band Pro 2. We were able to provide our knowledge and expertise from the very first steps to the last for these projects. Our experience in human ergonomics, forms and materials, but also the overall understanding of user-centered design and UI usability came into play.

Image courtesy Huawei

Wearables easing everyday life

So how to find the ways to ease your everyday life with a wearable? By starting from scratch and mapping the basic needs first, basically. After figuring out the end-users’ precise needs, we proceeded forwards developing the functionality and the features, while keeping the end-user as a top priority in every turn. That, the end-user and their needs, is the most important single requirement for us, as we create wholesome design.