Combining two long term companies into
a one forward-going professional

Geosynt is a fusion of two companies, who both share a long history in the geosynthetics field. We were there to help them develop their new identity in a direction where their people could agree and stand behind it but also wear their new identity proudly. Also, it was very important for their clients to understand the new identity and also to trust their work as well as before.

Also, a complete set of brand images was shot from the different stages of the work; planning, materials and installation. The images are people focused, as is everything they do.

The outcome

“Infinity did a 10 point job on the new strategy and the identity for Geosynt.”

-Janne Ikuli, Geosynt

“Geosynt was a perfect example of what we can achieve when we can start from scratch and when we can truely enjoy the client’s trust. The end result is a solid outcome, that tells their complete story and also remains modern in the upcoming years.”

-Antti Eskeli, Head of Branding & Digital