Biovotion’s Everion – a true multisensor platform

Biovotion, a Swiss company, needed us to create a brilliant design for their multisensor wearable. This medical grade device was ment to provide trustable quality data to the user, where usually consumer sensoring devices fell short.

As pleasent as possible

The number one task to tackle was to achieve a physical design that interferes the user as little as possible. What it meant was designing an object that is as slim as possible and the main shapes were optimized through testing. The strap material is flexible and breathable high-tech sport textile band, which increases the use comfort, but also adapts.

The second vital feature for the device is that it is able to be put on with one hand. Here the ingenious loop shapes on the end of the strap come to play.

The end result for the UX and ID was an outcome of hundreds of test rounds, which were conducted at our premises in the early concepting stages.