Efficient billet heating.

Revolutionary permanent magnet induction heater for the aluminum extrusion industry.

Induction billet heating?

The Effmag induction heater has a very high 75% energy efficiency and it provides the extrusion industry with significant savings in aluminum billet heating. Unlike conventional AC-coil based induction heaters, the Effmag heater generates the alternating magnetic field by rotating permanent neodymium magnets close to the billet to be heated.

Infinity Industrial Design Effmag billet heating

Infinity's aim was to provide a safe and approachable work environment for the operator. Usability has been improved in a clever way through the use of integrated status indicator lights, instead of traditional, bulky "traffic lights". Also the ergonomics and easy access for maintenance operations have been carefully designed. All the components of the heater are enclosed within a single housing, on a comfortable height for service.


Effmag develops and markets permanent magnet induction heaters for aluminum extrusion lines. The heaters are used to preheat the aluminum billets before the billets enter the extrusion press. With 75% energy efficiency the Effmag heater offers substantial energy savings for energy intensive industry over prevailing methods. Read more about Effmag heating technology at www.effmag.com.