Our heads of design

Physical design

Jussi Juva
Head of physical design

Jussi is in charge of the Physical Design section. His long industrial design history expands beyond Nokia times and there hasn’t yet surfaced a problem he couldn’t solve.

Tel. +358 44 033 3802
[email protected]

Digital design

Antti Eskeli
Head of Digital and Branding

Antti runs the Digital & Branding Design section, with helping hands from a few selected individuals. Together they bring solutions to the vastly developing industry.

Tel. +358 40 716 5364
[email protected]


Sami Lehtovaara
ceo / head of smart interiors

Sami has been involved with Infinity from the start and he brings his knowledge to every project we work on.

Tel. +358 44 033 3805
[email protected]

Our office

our visiting and billing address

Linnankatu 82, 20100 Turku, Finland

Linnankatu 82, Turku 20100

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