Next generation physiological monitoring.

Ultimate simplicity through human-centered design for Biovotion's continuous non-invasive health monitoring solutions.

We're working with Biovotion.

Biovotion is a Swiss Medical Device/Digital Health Company. We are working on Biovotion’s next generation physiological monitoring platform, which allows accurate, truly wearable, continuous, motion tolerant long term monitoring. The company has already won a number of prestigious prizes and awards, such as a NSXC XPrize in November last year or very recently Best Medical Wearable at the Wearable technology Show 2015 in London.

Infinity industrial design Biovotion medical

More to come.

We are very excited to intensively cooperate with Infinity’s design team and have them being part of the overall product team on Biovotion’s first product, the wearable VSM platform. Infinity has shown to be a perfect match to this project and has already made fundamentally important contributions towards a very exciting product.

Andreas Caduff, CEO at Biovotion

We at Infinity are equally impressed by Biovotion’s professionalism, insight and just the sheer amount of knowledge they have within the Wearable Medical / Digital Health arena. It is absolutely fantastic to be able to take part and to contribute into an extremely interesting endeavour such as Biovotion’s new product.

Dec. 04, 2015. Biovotion has been named Europe's most innovative medical device company. We're proud to be one of the key co-architects in Biovotion's continued success story!

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