Activity monitor for dogs.

Connected devices together with mobile apps and web apps enable companies create new kind of solutions. In this case, for dogs. Infinity helped the startup create the unique activity monitor in record time.


Dog health and wellbeing depend greatly on activity, sleep and the right nutrition. Taking care of the right amount and quality of these for your dog is not easy. Every dog is an individual and their needs vary.

Beagard is a startup and they wanted to create an activity meter and an associated app as rapidly as possible.

Contextual Understanding

We observed the life of dogs and the pet owners for a few days. Then we discussed with vets to understand more. We innovated ways to monitor and reward the behavior improving wellbeing.

The industrial design team tested several alternative ideas how the dog could wear the activity monitor in an optimal way. Prototypes were built in record time to probe the ideas in real life. The vast variety of dog sizes and the simple everyday usage were major drivers – as was the need to design a device the pet owner can be proud of.