User-friendly climate research and more.

The Airmodus nano-particle counters are user-friendly tools for researchers, air quality authorities and vehicle engine developers for counting sub-micron aerosol particles. Applications of nano-particle counters include climate research and air quality monitoring. The Airmodus A20 is a robust tool for aerosol particle measurements.

Next generation aerosol particle measuring

Single nano-sized particles can not be observed optically. Therefore particles must be grown to optical sizes.

From science to user-friendly industrial applications

Airmodus offers next generation nanoparticle counters for scientific and industrial use. Together, we wanted to create a minimalistic, professional industrial design and user interface for the new Airmodus A20. It can be used as stand-alone instrument for measuring particle number concentration in air, or as counter in different kinds of aerosol measurement systems.

High scientific standards together with smart design make the Airmodus instruments a delight to use.


Infinity created a range of concepts aiming at simple usability of the UI – plus a look and feel matching the high quality of the precision instrument. The main goal was to ensure that the device will be easy to use and handle.

The final product design of Airmodus A20 is well suited for atmospheric measurement, laboratory studies, air quality monitoring and industrial applications.