About Infinity Design


We began in 2003 in Finland, and built a reputation for designing devices that are a joy to use. We aim high in our work and that shows in the end results. Today, our team works for companies in Asia, the US and Europe, bringing new products & brands to market in record speed. Back in the day we started from user-centered design, and now we have grown to serve also Branding, UX & Analysis, without forgetting the most important –the user. We aim to make it possible for you to reach your goals and to stand out.
That is why our slogan is Differentiate.

Our clients include global brand owners such as BMW, Huawei and Microsoft. In addition to this, we’ve worked extensively with ODM’s and start-ups. We differentiate ourselves through our level of involvement and we are always fully prepared to be responsible that our designs are feasible for implementation. We measure our success through the 70 patents we’ve generated for our clients so far, our inventions are in patents owned by for example Apple and Nokia. Roughly 85% of our revenue is from export to the U.S, China and Continental Europe. Our references include various medical and industrial devices, consumer products such as handsets, headsets and other mobile accessories. In the previous few years, we have gained significant experience in the design of different wearable electronics and service design.


Industrial Design, ID, is a design process applied to products that are to be manufactured through mass production techniques. ID studies function, form, materials and the connection between the product, the user and the environment. The pursued outcome from the end of the ID spectrum is a product that serves the need and the task wholesomely.


User Experience is the most important aspect in the user centered design work. As a term it covers various overlapping areas, but in short the UX design is the tool for making the user’s experience with the company, product or a service the best it can be. The key is to understand, analyse and utilize the data from the end user insight in the design process.

Roughly speaking, visual design is how a product looks, whereas UX design is how it feels.
The UX design work needs to start from the very first step and it guides the project all the way to the finish as it acts as a vital part in every design project.


A well planned and executed Branding is the tool for differentiating from the rest. Nothing tells the story better than a coherent combination of Brand Identity, Strategy, Marketing and Packaging Design created together as an ensemble. Branding is not only visual storytelling. It’s making sure that the company’s values are presented the right way.

“A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer.” –Wikipedia Positively differentiating is vital and that can be achieved through our Strategic brand consulting.


A thorough research is the backbone for every project. A substantial part of a coherent outcome is the basis. The research face is crucial for generating an outcome that fits the scope and answers the needs of today and tomorrow. By studying the behaviours, offerings and demands, it is a step towards understanding the UX better.

Design Thinking

We apply deeply collaborative, agile and cross-functional iterative processes and prototype everything immediately.

"Design is not how it looks, design is how it works." -Steve Jobs

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